Swedish Motors Warranty Policy

Dear Volvo Owners,

Everything we do is warrantied, both new parts and labor, for one full year.

Often we can save you money by installing used parts where appropriate.
(The used parts we install are usually not under warranty.)

David McClintock, Owner
Marshall, Manager



There are 2 basic types of service contract/after-market warranties available.

1. Listed Components Service Contract/Warranty. This type of warranty will cover repairs on the parts and failures that the warranty specifies (i.e., Engine-Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head(s), Rotary Housing and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine housing...). These warranties cover a wide variety of failures, for a number of systems (i.e., engine, transmission, fuel system, air conditioning, etc.).
2. Exclusionary Service Contract/Warranty. This type of warranty covers all parts failures with the exception of a list of items that are excluded (some warranties, for example, do not cover turbochargers or air bag systems - these are listed in the exclusions).

Every service contract/warranty excludes most "wear items". These include brake pads, belts, tune-up components (spark plugs, etc.), and mufflers among others. They also do not cover failures if the car is used commercially, has been damaged by a collision, and a variety of other conditions.

It has been our experience that the "exclusionary" service contracts/warranties are the most practical for Volvo owners. Volvos have failures in parts that are not usually listed in the "listed components" warranty - such as the "heater distribution box", or "D.I. Cassette".


1. Term of Service Contract/Warranty. Most warranties are available in 12, 24, 36, 48 month increments, or in mileage amounts (12,000 miles, 24k, 36k etc....). It is our recommendation that you choose the longest term available. This will bring you close to 100k miles on the car, assuring that the warranty will, in all likelihood, pay for itself over the term of the contract.
2. Level of Coverage. Most service contract/warranties have numerous levels of coverage (i.e., gold, silver, platinum) We recommend the most extensive coverage available. If there is a "bumper to bumper" option, or similar, that is the one to choose. That coverage, in essence, picks up where the manufacturer warranty lets off.
3. Options. If your Volvo is turbocharged, make sure you checked off that option on the application. If there is an option for "separate seals & gaskets" coverage - check that box as well. If there is an option for "enhanced electrical", choose that option too. These help to insure that most anything that can go wrong with your Volvo will be covered.


Service contracts/after market warranties are available through a number of sources. Banks & Credit Unions that finance car purchases and leases often have a number of service contracts/warranties available. So do most new and used car dealers. A "Google" search for "after market warranty" will yield pages of results. We have attached a list of service contracts/warranties and service contract/warranty providers we have found that offer the right type of product at the right price.


Many service contracts/warranties are transferable, therefore if you sell your Volvo before the warranty expires - it's always best to sell the warranty along with it.

Some service contracts/warranties offer a "rebate" option. If you never use the warranty during it's term, they will gladly refund the amount you paid for it.

Most service contract/warranty companies will argue with the repair shop about the amount of labor they will pay and what parts they'll use (new, after market or even used) for a specific repair. They get these times from nationally published labor guides. In some cases, the nationally published guides have very unrealistic labor quotes. For instance, they seem to think it takes .4 of an hour to replace a hub assembly. In reality, it takes 2 hours. I have become a very good negotiator, but in some cases, the customer will pay for labor that is not paid for by the warranty provider, even though the repair is covered.

When shopping for a service contract/warranty try to get as much information from service contract/warranty provider as possible. The p.r. stuff sounds great, but see if you can obtain the actual contract that will cover your car before you purchase the service contract/warranty. That way you can review it before you buy. I will be happy to review any and all policies prior to purchase with you to see if there are any glitches. Also, many have a 30 day money back provision if the service contract/warranty fails to meet your expectations. Read the fine print.

In conclusion, service contracts/after-market warranties are a very good investment. They usually pay for themselves within a few repairs, and also provide peace of mind, knowing that a huge failure (transmission, engine) are also going to be covered. We can be a lot more "proactive" in taking care of your car when there is a warranty in place (i.e., replacing a fuel pump that is starting to whine, rather than waiting for failure and trip with a tow truck).

Swedish Motors


Here are some warranty providers, and the contact information for purchasing.

Colorado First Extended Care
(available through)

  • McCaddon Oldsmobile, Boulder
  • Murray Motors Imports, Denver
  • Hajak Auto, Longmont

Aul Warranty Company
(available through)

  • GO Motors, Boulder (303-413-8200)

AAA Warranty Company
(available through)

  • Triple A Colorado (Contact: Del Hughes 303-753-8800)

(available on your PC)

API Warranty Company
(available through)

  • AutoWarrantyBroker.com or 877-604-9086

CNA Warranty Company
(available through)

  • Mike Shaw Automotive (303-757-6161 - Finance Dept.)
  • Weisco Motors (303-294-9694)

This is by no means all the service contracts/warranties that are available, just a list to get you started.

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